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Welcome To My Home Page!

My name is Hutch. I work as a special effects supervisor in Los Angeles, California (see my resumé to learn about my specialties). The Gallery section of this site has over 300 photos and behind the scenes information from some of the shows I've worked on, as well as some travel photos and portraits.

This site is a work in progress, so please check back often. I hope you enjoy it!


Hutch's Resumé

My special effects resumé, formatted for printing.

Hutch's Gallery

The Gallery contains over 300 photos, along with informal notes about my work, my experience, my travels, my friends and my co-workers. If you are a prospective client, it will help you to get to know me and my work in a way that no resumé can. For anyone else, it's just plain fun! This is a work in progress, so please check back often.

Hutch's Links

Friends, Associates, Associations, Blogs, Useful Links and Fun Links.

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