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Unlike our earlier shots, the garden center was not built to match an existing location. As the film was being edited, it was decided that they needed an additional shot for the town destruction sequence. Director Roger Donaldson had the idea of a garden center, hence the name Donaldson's (visible on the sign above the lumber shed).

The house in the background of the shot was left over from the hillside set (it had been built for a second version of the shot, which we didn't do), and was the same scale (1/7) as Cluster's and Bank Street. The foreground models were a larger scale.

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Detail of the garden center.

In front of the wood shed, Kevin "KB" Brueckner prepares a barrel to fly.

Meanwhile, Denise Lennon wires in the det cord on the back of the shed.

Hutch works on the rig that will launch the forklift. This is a view from one of the three camera positions used for the shot.

Dick "Dick II" Richmond laces the house with det cord.

The front porch of the house, laced with det cord. Hutch is in the background.

Dick inside the house. Hutch is looking in through the window.

Hutch, Richard "Stuts" Stutsman, Andrew "Harvard" Taylor, and Charles Cooley load the final charges.

Ready to go hot!
Notice the mortars in the lower left. They're filled with debris, and pointed at the camera.

The aftermath.
Notice that this photo was taken from about the same position as the "Ready" photo.

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