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The L.L.R.V. (A.K.A. "the flying bedstead") is a vertical take off and landing aircraft that was used as practice for flying the Lunar Excursion Module. During a practice flight, Neil Armstrong encountered equipment failure and had to bail out. The L.L.R.V. crashed in a huge ball of fire.

This was recreated using a combination of techniques. An actual L.L.R.V. was suspended from a crane for live action shots with the actors. A miniature, articulated "L.L.R.V. on a stick" gave realistic movement, and was photographed against the sky. The suspension cables and the stick were digitally removed in post production.

Another miniature, the pyro version, was also shot against the sky for close ups of the ejection. A small charge of gun powder launched the ejection seat, which had model rocket motors attached to it. The motors didn't provide any significant thrust, but they gave a realistic looking smoke trail.

Yet another miniature was shot against a green screen on the motion control stage for the crash. This would be composited onto a shot of the desert landscape where we provided the fire ball.

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L.L.R.V. on a stick.

Neil ejects.

Charles wires the pyro. Five gallon plastic jugs were wrapped with det cord and filled with gasoline.


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