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This was a Goodyear commercial, for German television, that I did with Joe Viskocil. We shot in January at the airport in Inyo-Kern, California. It was COLD (we did a rain job at night in sub freezing temperatures), but the scenery was gorgeous.

The runway was supposed to be a Goodyear Tire test track, where spys in a black helicopter were trying to steal the secrets of the new tires.

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Helicopters against a beautiful Inyo-Kern sky.

This was the classic close-up-of-an-actor-in-a-helicopter-that's-supposedly-flying shot. Of course, the helicopter was not flying. It was on a platform and had the rotors turning. We made the sparks on the weapon.

Joe V. makes smoke against a spectacular vista.

Joey supervises the wet down on the runway.

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