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Judgment Day

On Terminator 2 , I was privileged to work with Joe Viskocil at both 4 Ward Productions (the nuclear blast sequence and credits fire elements) and Fantasy II (the Flying Hunter-Killer and nitrogen tank truck crash).

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The nuclear blast sequence, downtown street, filmed at 4 Ward Productions. Some of the techniques developed here were used later on Dante's Peak. In the photo on the right you can see the bank of air mortars and the Ritter fan that blasted the fronts of the buildings.

Preparing the Flying Hunter-Killer at Fantasy II. The shot on the left was taken from about the same position as the sequence below. You can see the rig that held the model. From the center of the frame and exiting right is the camera dolly track. The photo in the center is Hutch, and on the right is Joe Viskocil, loading pyro into the model.

The explosion sequence. Click here for a larger view of all three.

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