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Brasov and Bran Castle

Brasov is a delightful city, located 106 miles north of Bucuresti on the northern slopes of the Southern Carpathians, commonly called the Transylvanian Alps. It is the gateway to the main mountain resort areas of Romania.

Around sixteen miles from Brasov, through some beautiful scenery, lies Bran Castle. This is widely refered to as Dracula's Castle, especially by the folks who would sell you souvenirs, but the only connection with Vlad Tepes, or Vlad Dracul, is that he probably attacked it around 1460. This is a very cool castle, with spires and arches and no wall square to another. I could live in a place like this!

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On the train from Bucuresti to Brasov, heading into the Carpathian Mountains.


Bran Castle

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