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On Location at The Black Sea

We did some filming south of Constanta, on the Black Sea, one of the major summer resort locations in Romania. We arrived before the season had begun; it was still quite chilly. One of the hotels was opened just for us.

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Road trip! In the van on the way to the Black Sea.

Setting up a shot of Prince Davin (Devon Oatway).

Nick Reade is still jet lagged.

Producer Martha Chang and 1st Assistant Director Jay Lehrfeld are a little concerned when the camera crane gets stuck in the sand.

The full size creature foot, mounted on the camera crane.

Time Winters (Templeton) waiting to go on.

Stephen Macht (El El) prepares to do battle with Prince Davin.

On the way back to Buftea we stopped at Pizza Hut in Bucuresti. Shown (left to right) are Andreas Nuemann (Gypsy Rebel Number Two), Ken Thorley (Footy), Sean McNamara (Director and King Henryk), Francesca Iorillo (Second Unit 1st Assistant Director), Invisible Hutch and Nick Reade (Flix FX Creature Parts Wrangler).

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