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The Adventures of Galgameth

From April to August of '95 I was in Romania working on The Adventures of Galgameth  (originally titled The Legend of Galgameth ). This is a kid's/young adult's, medieval fantasy, action/adventure film (rated PG for language and violence). Galgameth is a creature, a statuette that comes to life, who helps the young Prince Davin avenge his father's death and reclaim his Kingdom (oops... did I give away too much?). The film was produced by Sheen Communications, the same folks who gave you The Three Ninjas  series.

Everett Byrom came over in June, when we got into the miniature pyro work, to serve as my assistant. Several of the other department heads, as well as the production staff, creature team and actors, came from the U.S., but the majority of the crew were Romanian.

Working in Romania turned out to be one of the most remarkable and memorable experiences of my life. The country is beautiful, and I developed some fantastic friendships. Note to producers: Shooting in Romania? Need an FX guy? Call me!!!

The Adventures of Galgameth  is out on video. I recommend renting it! Yeah, parts of it are kinda' hokey, but overall its fun and entertaining, and I find the climactic ending to be quite moving. Its very nicely photographed, the production values are high and for the most part its well acted. And besides, I'm in the movie! Yup, Gypsy Rebel Number Two, that's me! Quite a few crew members got on screen, as well as the mothers of both of the leads.

When we finished filming I travelled through the northern part of Romania (Transylvania) and on to Budapest, Hungary. See Budapest and Romania in the Travel section of the Gallery.

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The Creature

The Studio

Palat Sterbei

Palet Sterbei II

On Location at the Black Sea

On Location at Valenii de Munte

The Parties

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