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The Adventures of Galgameth

The Creature

Galgameth begins the film as a cute little statuette, barely six inches high, that magically comes to life. As the film continues he goes through several transformations, getting bigger and meaner looking, until he's over fifty feet tall.

The smallest creature was sometimes a mechanically controlled puppet, and other times a guy in a creature suit shot among over sized props. As the creature grows, a combination of techniques were used, including a variety of creature suits, forced perspective shots, miniature props, full size mechanical creature parts and front screen projection composites.

The Galgameth puppet and suits were built and operated by a team from Alterian Studios. The suits were amazing pieces of work! The facial features were radio controlled by three operators, and could deliver a wide variety of expressions.

The full size creature hand, tail and foot were made by Flix FX. The foot is pictured on the Black Sea page. The photos below were shot on the studio back lot and the grounds of Palat Sterbei.

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The Alterian Studios creature team.

Nick Reade of Flix FX assembles the full size creature tail on the studio back lot.

The tail in action, knocking over the bad guys.

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