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Living and working together for as long as we did, the cast and crew grew very close. There was lots of socializing and impromptu parties. There were also some organized parties.

On the Fourth of July, Moise and I put together, as best we could with what we had, a fireworks show. We had a party, and lit up the sky, on the grounds of Sterbei. It was a great moral booster for the Americans who had been away from home for a long time, and the Romanians enjoyed it too. Many of them had never seen fireworks before. Unfortunately, I have no photos of that event.

Stephan Macht (the evil knight El El) finished shooting all of his scenes and returned home several weeks before most of the rest of the cast. James Nixon (Bertrand the magician) decided to put together a going away party. While shopping in Buftea he found two used pairs of kids roller skates and A THEME WAS BORN. The infamous roller skating party, which took place in the spacious common area upstairs at Sterbei, is pictured below.

Also pictured below is the official wrap party. It was held on the patio at Sterbei and was,by far, our biggest social event. The Romanian crew members brought their families, and we partied from early afternoon until well into the night.

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The Roller Skating Party

"Hello, my name is James, and I'll be your host tonight."

Ken Thorley (Footy) samples the fine cuisine.

Stephen Macht, Felix Silla (4' Galgameth), and James Nixon.

Doug Jones (8' Galgameth) and Johna Stewart (Julia).

Yoshi was getting pretty good, but then he got cocky.

The Wrap Party

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