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We filmed at Studioul Cinematografic Bucuresti, which sits on the edge of a lake in Buftea, about twenty minutes outside of Bucuresti. I don't have any photos of the studio itself, but the postcard below shows it. We did some of the final scene water shots on the lake. The majority of shooting was done on the studio back lot.

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Buftea postcard. The studio is shown top right and bottom left.

The cast and crew have lunch at the studio.

Director Sean McNamara discuses the length of his lens with Director of Photography Christian Sebaldt.

The back lot when I first arrived. The buildings pictured were already there. You can see the footings for additional construction in the foreground. The photos below show the lot when construction was completed.

Some members of the wardrobe department pose in front of the foundry set. We had three different versions of the foundry. The full size set (shown) was for shooting with the actors. We set fire to the roof and blew out the windows. The creature size set was built at a scale to make Galgameth appear to be twenty feet tall. It was also set on fire. The pyro miniature set was about four feet tall. It was blown up.

Pictured above are Yoshi Nushida and Moise Constantin. Yoshi was the still photographer, acupuncture therapist, sometimes camera operator, sometimes cook and always spiritual overseer for the company. He stayed in Romania and opened a restaurant. Moise was the Romanian pyrotechnician. On several occasions I went to his home for dinner. He and his wife spoke about as much English as I spoke Romanian, but after a couple of glasses of his home made wine we all managed to communicate just fine!

Everett Byrom, my assistant, and Ion Iancu, Moise's assistant.

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