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Palat Sterbei

Palat (Palace) Sterbei was, at one time, a royal family estate. Now its a hotel, and it was home to most of the American cast, crew and production staff during our stay (some stayed in Bucuresti). Its a beautiful place, on the edge of the lake in Buftea, right next to the studio.

The hotel is surrounded by acres of forest, and we did a good deal of filming on the grounds.

There are more photos of Palat Sterbei on the Sterbei II page and on the Parties page.

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Breakfast at Sterbei.

The Palace.

Dinner at Sterbei.

There were vans to shuttle us to and from the studio, but many preferred to walk through the forest each morning to get to work.

Moving from the patio at the hotel, out to a filming site.

Andreas Neumann and Hutch, waiting to go on. Andreas played the part of Gypsy Rebel Number One, and helped out with the assembly and operation of the full size creature parts made by Flix FX.

Hutch, as Gypsy Rebel Number Two, in the forest at Sterbei.

The Gypsy Rebels prepare to hang Zethar (Lou Wagner), the good and faithful scribe to King Henryk.

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