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On Location at Valenii de Munte

We spent several days shooting on location at Valenii de Munte, north of Ploiesti, where we were housed. This is where most of the large battle scenes were shot, employing hundreds of extras; Romanian military costumed as Lovanian rebels.

The most notable scene was "the incredible fire ball shot". The extras were told to run up a hill at the foot of a cliff. Meanwhile, Moise and his crew were at the top of the cliff. They had three foot round steel cages, filled with rags and weeds, soaked in gasoline, and lit on fire. These were pushed off of the cliff to roll down at the actors below.

In take one the extras ran up the hill with great enthusiasm. When the fire balls came down, they turned and ran away, giving very convincing performances of fear. In take two, the extras moved up the hill with very little enthusiasm. They turned and ran away even before the fire balls were released.

The company had to return at a later date, with a fresh set of extras, to get another take.

When someone asked me how I would have accomplished this shot, I thought for awhile and replied "I wouldn't!" Perhaps I have no sense of adventure.

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Road trip! On the bus to Valenii de Munte.

Andreas and Yoshi find a vantage point.

Silviu, one of the interpreters, stands in for a forced perspective shot. Put Galgameth in his place and you have a giant creature that towers above the marching rebels!

One of the explosions that buries Galgameth.

Director Sheen and Yoshi line up "the incredible fire ball shot".

Moise and his men light up the fire balls.

"The incredible fire ball shot" viewed from a safe distance. Click here for a larger view of all five frames.

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