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Musée des Égouts de Paris

aka The Sewer Tour

The snappy skyline logo and the happy little sewer man refrigerator magnets, pictured above, encourage you to "Visit the Sewers of Paris"! I recommend it too!

Walking through functioning sewer tunnels, we learned that the sewer system was begun during the reign of Napoleon III. Every street has a sewer tunnel below it, with address signs corresponding to the street above. It is said that the sewers contain one rat for every citizen of Paris.

Closed when it rains, and during half time of the World Cup, the tour features a museum and gift shop, also located in functioning sewer tunnels. The displays are cleverly designed to hoist up to the ceiling when the... uh... WATER level rises.

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Pictured are devices used to unblock sewer tunnels. The stuff on the floor is exactly what you think it is.

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