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Around Lhasa

Other sights around Lhasa.

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A panorama from the roof of the Yak Hotel. Warning: Large File!!

From the back of a pedicab on Dekyl Shar Lam.

A pilgrim's chalk devotional on the street east of the Potala.

I took this one for the fire extinguishers, 'cause... you know... fire is what I do. From the porch of the Meru Sarpa Monastery.

The dwellings that surround Meru Sarpa.

The Ani Sanghkung Nunnery.

The Gyume Lower Tantric College.

The forecourt of the Ramoche Temple.

A pilgrim offers ceder incense at a sangkang near the entrance to Ramoche.

A monk feeds the yak butter candles at Palha Lu-Puk, and nearby, a huge stack of hand carved Mani Stones.

Vendors and Prayer wheels on the Potala Kora.

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