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Moonrise over the Jokhang - Lhasa, Tibet - June 2006

In May and June of 2006 I was working on a TV show in Asia (I can't write any more about it until after the show airs). Coincidently, on the day I finished the job, my friends Xeni Jardin and her adoptive father Dr. M. X. Quetzalkanbalam were arriving in Chengdu, China on their way to Tibet. So I went there to meet them, and we spent ten days in and around Lhasa.

Xeni's adoptive father Dr. M. has been traveling to many parts of the world in order to research indigenous cultural traditions. Tibet had been on his list of places to visit for quite awhile. When Xeni was made aware of a journalistic opportunity in India and Tibet, Dr. M suggested they make the trip together.

Upon returning to the States, Xeni produced a four part series for National Public Radio's Day To Day about how technology is changing the lives of Tibetans, both inside and outside of their homeland. NPR's "Hacking the Himalayas" pages have streaming audio of the series, as well as additional multi-media content. Xeni also filed a related story with Wired News and she's keeping a travel blog about her experiences. ABC World News with Charles Gibson also covered Xeni's story in two parts, here and here.

Below you'll find links to pages of photos I shot in Tibet and Chengdu (I've collected my favorites on a seperate page here). You can see other photos from China and Tibet, that I shot during my visit there in 1999, in the China section of the Gallery.

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The Jokhang Temple

The Barkhor

The Potala Palace

The Lukhang Temple

The Shide Tratsang Temple

The Tsepak Lhakhang Chapel

Around Lhasa

Chengdu, China


Some Final Notes:


Ever since visiting Tibet in 1999 I've wanted to go back. I'd like to thank Xeni and Dr. M. for allowing me to join them on their quests, giving me an excuse to return to Tibet. I would also like to thank the folks at W.R.P. for getting me in the neighborhood and tweaking my itinerary, making the Tibet trip possible.


If you are intrested in purchasing Tibetan handicrafts may I suggest Dropenling Handicraft Development Center. They are dedicated to improving the lives of Tibetan artisans throughout Tibet by selling only unique, high quality handicrafts made in Tibet, by Tibetans.

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