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Xeni attracted a lot of attention in Tibet. I guess a tall, blonde, western woman in a traditional Tibetan skirt is a rare sight. Many tourists asked to be photographed with her. The manager of the roof top restaurant at the Yak Hotel recognized Xeni from CNN International (though CNN is blocked throughout China, he had seen her on TV in his home country of Nepal).

Xeni often found her bum being pinched by old Tibetan women, who would then give her a thumbs up, indicating their approval of her traditional Tibetan attire.

I was just another big, hairy, round-eye tourist, as far as the locals were concerned, until I was on my knees, peering into a camera, on the ground, in the Barkhor Square, in the middle of the night. That aroused a lot of curiosity!

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Hutch and other tourists ask to be photographed with Xeni on the roof of the Jokhang.

The manager and staff of the Yak Restaurant, with the Potala in the background.

Xeni pays respect at the Ani Sanghkung Nunnery.

Interacting with locals in the Barkhor and at the Ramoche Temple.

Sending prayers skyward at Meru Sarpa Monastery.

Xeni shot this cute kid turning a huge prayer wheel in the forecourt of the Gyume Lower Tantric College. Hutch shot Xeni shooting the cute kid.

Hutch shot this young monk at Palha Lu-Puk. Then the monk shot Hutch (and got yak butter fingerprints all over the camera).

Hangin' with the locals, late night in the Barkhor Square. Photos by Xeni.

On the roof of the Yak Hotel.

Self Portrait of an Oxygen Junkie.

Most people begin to feel some symptoms of altitude sickness at elevations over 8,200 feet above sea level. Lhasa is at 11,800 feet. The altitude kicked my ass! In this photo I'm huffing oxygen from a can in my hotel room. A side note: No, the hotel didn't have crazy paisley pillow cases. Whenever I travel I take my own pillows. I find that they provide a comforting familiarity in strange places, and because they're down, they're light weight and they stuff into a small space in my baggage.

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